I've got a great team of people writing with me this week.  We wanted to bring you ideas for getting your tutor business organized!  Let me introduce you to the group.

Amy of TutorsNirvana is the head author over at the website's blog.  She is full of great ideas and so helpful!

Victoria of The Tutoress…I just love that name!  She is one of the top tutors in the UK and is the author of Become a Private Tutor:  How to Build a Profitable and Successful Business.

Each day this week, we'll be bringing you different aspects of tutor organization.  Are you following by email, Facebook, or Google Plus?  If not, make sure to get connected so that you don't miss anything.

One question that I frequently get asked is how to get yourself organized for tutoring on-the-go. I posted on Facebook that I was getting ready for tutoring and asked how others were getting ready.  I didn't expect this response from Teresa.  She shared her love of binders with me and told me that she keeps them in her trunk for on-the-go tutoring.  Let's get a closer look of how she managed to fit her tutoring office in her trunk!

Of course, Teresa uses 3 ring binders to keep all her supplies, games, paperwork in order.  To keep things from slipping around, she used old shelves!  This is major creativity here!  One more shot of her trunk…

When Teresa sent me these images, she also offered to share a tutor session log with all of you!  Isn't that sweet?!  This logs has a place for comments and payment notes.  Did you know that she is a teacher author too?  Make sure to head on over and follow her at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Download your freebie here!

Here are some ideas I had for tutoring on-the-go:

I use binders just like Teresa and would organize them in a suitcase to make them portable.  I know it seems like you can't predict what materials you might need, but with a little pondering and planning, you'll see that you will take is what you need with you.  Let me show you how I would get ready for a math tutoring session.

Here's a list of what's inside the suitcase for a sixth grade math student:

  1. Samsung Tablet
  2. Student binder
  3. Daily Math Puzzler Binder
  4. Grade level math book
  5.  File folder games
  6. Game pieces (kept in a pencil case)
  7. Dry erase board and markers
  8. Deck of playing cards
  9. Math Mats
  10. Pencils and paper
  11. My Square card reader (to process payments using smart phone)
  12. Calculator
  13. Ruler
  14. Any math manipulatives

How do you tutor on-the-go?  Share your ideas in the comments below.  Make sure to tune in tomorrow for Victoria's tips on organizing all your tutoring curriculum.

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