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Grand Prize Preview:  Intuos Pro Medium Tablet by Wacom

As I was in the beginning phases of planning The Ultimate Tutor Giveaway, my mind turned to online tutors and what their desires may be.  Which lead me to think about Sal Khan of course.  After a little digging, I found out that Sal uses a Wacom Tablet to make his videos.  I decided to contact Wacom to see if they would donate a tablet.  (I thought it was a long shot)  Wacom was so gracious and donated a tablet.  At first, I thought they would donate a Bamboo tablet, which would be awesome—but no!  An Intuos Pro Medium Tablet showed up on my door step!  I was floored.  You should be too!

I opened it up and gave it a whirl.  It was relatively fast to set up.  I laughed at myself because I thought at first that I hadn't installed it correctly.  Then I saw that the mouse cursor was moving each time I waved it over the tablet.

I went over to Twiddla to try out writing and drawing in their whiteboard room.  I recorded what I was doing in Twiddla and I've shared the results with you in this video below.

Video: Using the Wacom Intuos Pro Tablet with Twiddla

The tablet will take some time to get acquainted with as you tutor.  I don't recommend trying it out during tutoring without some practice first.  It also does not come with a program to draw or write in.  You'll need to use a paint program (found on your PC) to practice or try out using Twiddla.com like I did.

Are you as pumped as I am about this grand prize for The Ultimate Tutor Giveaway?!  

Don't go away yet!  The contest begins Friday, January 24th, 2014 and goes until February 2nd.  Make sure to follow along through Facebook or my newsletter so you don't miss the reminders to enter this week.

Be sure to come back tomorrow to see a preview of the next Grand Prize!

Disclaimer:  There are affiliate links to Amazon within this post.  This in no way causes you to pay more, it's just one way I can earn a little extra income for sharing tutor ideas here on the blog. Only entrants within the continental United States will be eligible to win this Wacom Tablet.  The ideas and opinions expressed in this post and video are solely Adrianne Meldrum's opinion.  Please note—there will be digital prizes that entrants will be eligible to win if you live outside of the United States :)

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