It's important to have a wide variety of reading material when you are a tutor. I like to keep magazines, newspapers, and ebooks among my other books. This can get costly however, I wanted to show you some of the free resources and cheaper choices I've come across.

LEGO™ Club Magazine


This is an absolutely free publication and they have magazines for young readers and older readers. Inside you'll find ads of course, but there is a lot of great reading material in there too! My boys love them and so do my students. Click on the LEGO™ picture above to take you to the sign up page to get yours.

Scholastics Storia


You can download the Storia app for free and then you get 5 free ebooks. What I like about Storia, is that you can find deals on digital ebooks. I saw some for as little as $2.00 and it's yours forever! Think of all the space cleared up by having the books in your reader and also the skills you will teach your students. Think in the future about how many of your students will be reading everything on a screen instead of on paper. There is a lot of skills to be learned. I was impressed by the videos on Storia's site too, you can watch them here. Click the picture to take you to Storia's main page.

Amazon Prime and Kindle Lending Library


Amazon Prime costs $79 a year. It's about $6 a month. What I like about this option is that you can borrow thousands of books from the Kindle Lending Library. There is no late fee either. This option would be good for your older reader students. You can use an iPad or droid reader, Kindle, or even your smartphone to do the reading with because Kindle has an app for you to download all of these great titles.

Finding Free Magazines


Get in the habit of looking for your library's magazine swap box and browse through it each time you go. Look for great children't publications like Ranger Rick or Cricket. You could even get together with some other tutors/teachers/homeschoolers and do a magazine swap.

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