What's a tagline?

It's a catch phrase or slogan used to capture a  potential client's attention.  You can use taglines on your flyers, brochures, business cards, Facebook fan page, and even your website!  Anywhere you would like to grab some attention to your business, consider using one of these taglines.

Organized List of Taglines:

With the help of my Just for Tutors Facebook group, we created a comprehensive list of taglines.  We've organized it by general and monthly themes to help you find the best tag line for your needs today.


Fractions got you down?
Keep Calm and Get a Tutor
It's easier to keep up than catch up.  Let's keep up your grades together.
Think like a proton and stay positive!
Need help with math?  You can count on me.
Count to three and learn to read!
__________ is bitter but the fruit is sweet.
Soaring for Success!
Our students come first.
Educate!  Being smart is great.
Tutoring gets results.
Tutoring.  Learn to love learning again.
Isn't it time for higher grades?
Learn math.
It's time to learn.
Find your own learning path.  I can help!
Keep Calm and Get a Tutor
Test jitters?
Go forth and conquer your SAT/ACT!
Get it write! (writing)


Ring in the new year with better grades
Got the School Blues?
Ring in the New Year with Better Grades!
Stop the Brain Freeze!


Not loving school?  I can help!
Not loving homework?  Let me help.
Not feeling the love from math?

Turn over a new leaf with your grades
Come into full bloom with tutoring!


Egg-cellent idea…Tutor Time!
You're Some Bunny that Can Make the Grade
Get the best o'luck with your grades!


Spring into summer!
Bee a smart student!
Can you see it?  Good grades are in the air! (kite clip art)


Avoid the summer slide, get caught up this with tutoring!
Don't slide in the summertime.


Hooray for Red, White, and Blue!  We're the tutoring place for you!
I want you to excel in school (use Uncle Sam clip art)


It's easier to stay caught up, than play catch up!  Reserve your tutoring spot today.
Back to School, keep your cool!


Are your grades all falling down?


Got Spooky Grades?  Get a tutor!
Are your grades making you a little batty?
Bubble, bubble, boil, and trouble…better grades on the double!


Fall into reading! (or any subject)
Looking for an attitude of gratitude towards math?


Are your grades making you a Grinch?
Got Ho-Ho-Hum Grades?
Are good grades on your Christmas list?

Next month, I'll be featuring a free tagline for spring!  Be sure to follow along through my subscriber list or Facebook!

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