Disclosure:  Just a heads up, I do receive payment from Tutorcruncher for writing this blog post.  They are the newest sponsor of The Tutor House.  I want you to know that I would never take on a sponsor here at The Tutor House unless I thought they were something that you as a tutor business owner would find helpful.  Tutorcruncher is here to help you!   You are important and I view you as my friend.  So read on and see how they can help you.

As your business grows, do you find that you are spending less and less time tutoring and more time managing the financials? Between calendaring students and invoicing families, you are most likely being stretched thin.

Recently, Tutorcruncher contacted me to introduce their tutor business management software. I was impressed with their customer service and how passionate they are about helping tutors find more time in their schedules. Arthur scheduled a software tour (a common event and available to you as well). We met in Skype and he walked me through the software.

I was particularly impressed with how their software could accommodate any size of business. He told me that they have some tutor companies that have over a thousand tutors. Can you imagine the sheer amount of time it could take you to get payroll and invoicing done? Wow!  Let’s look over some of the awesome features of Tutorcruncher:

  1.  Invoice generator
  2. Payroll generator
  3. Client data base
  4. Tutor data base
  5. Business Branding!
  6. Ability to lump clients into classes
  7. Various levels of pay for tutors depending on experience (or any parameter you set)
  8. Scheduling/calendaring capabilities
  9. Business expense tracking
  10. Job boards for tutors to bid on taking a new client (you can also assign a tutor)
  11. Affiliate/commission sharing options
  12. CSV data upload
  13. Detailed tutor profiles
  14. Resource Library
  15. Student reporting

There are many more features we could discuss, but here are some very cool things I noticed about Tutorcruncher.  Check out the auto-generated invoice! (click on image to enlarge)



Inside the software, you can upload your own logo to brand all of your tutor forms such as invoices. You also enter your business information in the set up area and it is seamlessly entered in every form available.

Invoices and Payroll:

When it comes time for invoicing, you just have to go into the invoice area and click on Generate Invoices. The invoices are sent to clients via email! You can also save a PDF and send reminders to pay an invoice.  Paying your tutors is just as simple!

Integration with Platforms You Use:

Tutorcruncher also integrates with Sage Pay, PayPal, and Google Wallet. To make taking payment and sending paychecks simple.

They also have a calendar built directly into the program. Tutorcruncher recently started the process to integrate with Google Calendars.

Tutorcruncher also works with many major email marketing providers.  This allows you to track open rates.  Pretty sweet that you can email tutors and clients quickly!

Resource Library:

You can upload important documents like your tutoring policies so that both clients and tutors have access to these documents at any time.

As your business continues to grow, consider using Tutorcruncher to keep your tutors and clients in order.  Don’t be shy, contact Tutorcruncher for a tour of their software.  I promise their team will be super helpful and there will be no pressure to sign up.  You can learn more about their software by visiting their site.  If you can’t wait for a tour of Tutorcruncher, then by all means head over to their tutorial page to get a glimpse of the features inside the software.

How have you been handling your tutor business as it grows?  Do you find yourself spending quite a bit of time on the finance side of business?  Comment below and let me know what is working for you these days.

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