Tutor Think Tank

Together is Better.

Let's face it.  Tutoring business is different.

Have you noticed that the issues you deal with as a tutor are completely different than other businesses out there?

One thing is true, once you involve children in the service aspect of a business — things change.  Purchasing decisions are made differently.  Tutoring businesses are an entirely different beast.

Hi, I'm Adrianne Meldrum.

I own a multisensory math online tutoring center.  The issues we face are vastly different than my business friends outside of the tutoring industry.

Current trends in business when it comes to marketing doesn't always work for tutoring.  I choose to talk to my friends who also run tutoring centers for advice on marketing, services, and website sales pages.

I don't believe that generic business advice works for us.  Instead, we need different solutions because marketing to a parent and serving a child are very different experiences.

That's why I'm creating the Tutor Think Tank.

What is the Tutor Think Tank?

This is a monthly virtual meeting for tutors who are past the beginner stages and now are looking to expand, optimize, and serve more students without sacrificing our family time, health, and personal interests.

How Does it work?

Each month we'll gather online to learn from one another but also hear from fellow tutors and techniques that are working.  You'll leave feeling connected and with the vital step-by-step tutorials needed to do it for your business.

Topics for the next 3 months:

We'll meet once a month on Thursdays at 10:00 am Mountain unless otherwise specified.  Every session will be recorded for your convenience.

  • Email Marketing (February 28, 2019)
  • How to Run Your First Webinar (March 28th, 2019)
  • Building Courses (April 25th, 2019)

What's Included?

We want to save you time and hassle.  Each session will include:

  • Access to Step-by-Step Tutorials
  • Recordings of the Session
  • Swipe Files so you don't have to recreate the wheel
  • Facebook Community for more advanced tutors (no newbies here!)


I want this to be a success!  We truly are better together.  To get the Tutor Think Tank in full swing, we'll need a minimum of 20 tutors to join.

If we don't meet our minimum, all money will be refunded.

Are you In?

Click on the “add to cart” button below to grab your space.  After you finish check out, you'll be redirected to a questionnaire.  I'll reach out personally via email to confirm your spot.

Tutor Think Tank

$25 per month

Tutor Think Tank

$225 per year