Using Dice For Math Activities

Dice Make a Boring Worksheet Come Alive!

I love using dice in my tutoring because they can make any boring worksheet come alive! My students love being able to pick out what dice they want (I have a few different colors), and rolling them over and over. I love using hands-on activities with dice as well as other math manipulatives.

3 of my Favorite Math Dice Activities

I wanted to share three of my favorite math activities that I do with dice. These can be used for K-2 students depending on skill levels. I have included free printables, so click on the link given below and you can download them from my TPT store.

Addition Practice

The first activity is addition practice with dice. The student rolls two dice and writes the numbers in the boxes given. Then the student adds up the numbers and writes the answer in the last box. It's a simple activity, but so good for fact fluency!

Using Dice For Math Activities

Graphing with Dice

Another activity I like to do is graphing with dice. The student rolls one die at a time and then colors in the bar graph to show how many of each number was rolled. This is great practice for graphing and number sense.

Using Dice For Math Activities

Coloring Even & Odd Dice

My third activity is coloring in even and odd dice. The student rolls one die. If it's an even number, color in the corresponding number in blue. If it's an odd number, color it purple. The student rolls 15 (or more) times to see how many even and odd numbers are rolled! Students can color row by row in order as they roll the die, or just color randomly in any row. Either way is fine since they are just counting them all up in the end. Ask questions like, “How many even numbers did you roll? How many odd? How many more odd than evens (or vice versa)?”

Using Dice For Math Activities

Click here to download this freebie with all three activities! If you would like more ideas of what to do with dice, see my post Math Games With Dice. Also be sure to read Top 15 Math Games For Summer Tutoring. Thanks for reading!


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