Online tutoring is quickly becoming a great way to fill up your schedule during hours that work better for you.  Recently, I saw Anne share that she was working with VIPKID and wanted to share the opportunity with other tutors.  I invited her to share here on the Tutor Coach.  I hope you enjoy learning more about this opportunity – Adrianne


Tutoring is a great job and something I cherish doing, but between no-shows and unfilled tutor slots in the evenings–I knew I needed a little more but in a time frame that works better for me.

I began the hunt for online tutoring opportunities to even out my schedule and income. As I was looking towards doing more tutoring online because of these benefits. I needed the hours to be very different than afternoons and evenings which means I need to work in a different time zone.


VIPKID is an online format to teach 5 – 12 year olds in China. This company provides the North American elementary school experience to Chinese children – all from the comfort of their home.

Their sophisticated virtual classroom streams native English speaking teachers into Chinese homes, linking the world through education.The company itself started 3 years ago by Cindy Mi. She is an amazing woman and one of the top entrepreneurs in China.

All tutoring is done online and 1 – 1 through their software.  All curriculum is supplied for you!

At first I did not think that this would worth my time and effort as there was a very rigorous application process:

  1. Interview
  2. Submission of a resume
  3. Practicum
  4. Mock lesson

Applicants must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  Even though the process was long, it was worth it to me, as I was hired!

The next thing you need to think about is the time zone. I teach from 4:30am – 6:30 am M-F.  Even though I’ve been tutoring for ViPKids for close to three months now, I still have spots available in my schedule.  Filling up takes time, but working with the students and getting paid make it all worth it.


Are you interested in working from home and jumping into another market of tutoring?  If so, head over to ViPKids and check out their program.

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