All of these are simple to put together!  All you need is some white cardstock and a printer that can print in color.  Check out the pictures and then download all the tags you need.  Please be sure to share this with your friends!  You can use this for more than just volunteers at school.

Taglines for Volunteer Gift Tags

You “Ment-O” So Much to Us!

Reeses Pieces
My class loved you to Pieces!  Thanks for helping.

You were a Whopper of help!

Diet Coke, Classic Coke, and Moutain Dew
Thanks for all your help
Thanks for Poppin' in!
What would I “dew” without you?

Click here to download it right now for FREE!  If you enjoyed these tags for thank you gifts, please share my blog with your friends.  Have a great one everyone.  Note:  these tags were made when I blogged over at Kids Cog Works, just so you know-it's still me!

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