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You can build a website for your tutor business quickly with this free tutorial below.

Many tutors begin their business without a website, but soon realize that a website can be a valuable tool.  Websites allow you to communicate information about how things are done quickly.  It's available for potential clients to preview 24/7.  No employee will promote you 24/7 like a website will!

The tutorial below features the steps for a website that I helped build for Christin of Shore I Can Child Care and Tutoring.  It was a blast to help another tutor out.  This tutorial has helped hundreds of tutors get started with their own website.

In the videos below, you'll see that I am working with a self-hosted WordPress website.  Why?  WordPress allows you full control of all images, content, and design.  When you build on another platform like Wix or Squarespace, you are at their mercy to stay in business.  With a self-hosted website, you'll be able to control when your site is active, have access to thousands of tutorials to help you with your site, and you can use plugins (these are like mini apps for websites).

But  my favorite tip for using a self-hosted WordPress site is that you show up better in search results.  You are building your traffic to your domain and not Wix or Squarespace.

As you'll see, set up is not all that bad.  The total cost for this project was $47 per year.  This means each year, I will need to pay to renew my hosting and domain name.  That's it!

Download my DIY Tutor Website Cheat Sheet

Helpful tip for the Spacious Theme:

Want your social media, contact info, and search bar all compact?  Lauren from Triangle Tutor Zone emailed me this question and we have used her site to show you how to make adjustments.  I love that even though Lauren used the same theme, her site looks completely different!


See the wasted white space above?  It’s easy to get rid of.  Follow these steps:

Step One:
Appearance=>  Headers=> Deactivate (there is a warning that you cannot restore the default..that’s ok)
Step Two:
Appearance=> Theme Options => Header , select header logo only.
Step Three (add social media, search bar, contact):
Appearance=>Widgets>Header Top Sidebar => drag Simple Social Plugin widget and any other widgets you need

Listen to my podcast about images for websites

A Small Orange Website Hosting

There is only one domain hosting service I recommend, A Small Orange (ASO).  They have top notch customer service.  One late night while I was working on my website, I deleted two letters…just two letters in the control panel somewhere and my entire site disappeared!

I had been working many hours on the website, I was not a happy gal.  I hopped onto A Small Orange's website and contacted customer service.  Within seconds, a team member came on to help me.  Within 10 minutes, my site was back up.

A Small Orange has always come through for me.  I have yet to be disappointed.  They are affordable as well!  You can have your website hosted through them for as little as $35 per year + domain at $12 per year.  That is easy on the pocket book and you'll make your money back ten fold.

Hosting with A Small Orange will be one of those decisions you'll be glad you made.  Click here to get started with A Small Orange.  *I am an affiliate for ASO.  This does not add any additional costs to you.  By purchasing hosting through ASO, you'll help me be able to continue serving tutors here on The Tutor Coach.

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